ANDRITZ SEPARATION launches new filter cloth fastening system


ANDRITZ SEPARATION launches new filter cloth fastening system SmartFIX

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016

ANDRITZ SEPARATION, part of international technology Group ANDRITZ, has developed a new innovative filter cloth fastening system.

SmartFIX combines a set of resilient, endless tension strips with an endless polymer filter cloth specially designed for the strips and is designed to replace the existing clamping ring assemblies in most types of filter centrifuges. The advantages are a reduction in both maintenance time and costs by up to 50%, improved performance, and maximum safety for high-pressure applications.

SmartFIX fits on most brands of filter centrifuges in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries – the first customers have already implemented the new technology successfully. For other types of centrifuges, a tailored back-up screen replaces the frequently used combination of  drainage wire mesh and supporting fabric secured with round cord fixation to enable the upgrade to SmartFIX.

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