ABB launches PowerValue 11T G2 single-phase UPS aimed at applications up to 30 kW

13 April 2018

ABB extends UPS portfolio to lower power applications, delivering a future proof design and an energy efficient supply of clean power.

ABB’s PowerValue 11T G2 now brings the benefits of ABB’s sophisticated UPS technology to lower-power applications. Designed for single-phase applications, the PowerValue 11T G2 employs ABB’s double conversion technology: incoming AC is first converted to DC, from which the output AC is then synthesized – giving a clean sinusoid.

These two conversion steps give the term “double conversion” and isolate the output voltage waveform from any disturbances on the input AC side. In other words, the PowerValue 11T G2 not only guarantees power to the critical load but guarantees that the power is always clean, whether the UPS is switched-in or not.

The tower-only PowerValue 11T G2 saves costs by minimizing energy losses with its best-in-class double conversion efficiency of up to 98 percent. Further efficiency is achieved by voltage and frequency independent (VFI) mode, in which the UPS activates and deactivates modules to match load requirements, thus saving energy and improving system efficiency especially in low-load conditions.

Simple to install and maintain, inexpensive to run and with a highly compact online UPS footprint, the PowerValue 11T G2 provides stable, regulated, transient-free, pure sine wave AC power with extremely tight output voltage regulation. Up to three 10 kW units can be connected in parallel to provide redundancy or to boost power delivery up to 30 kW. The hardware for paralleling comes installed. Up to four optional external battery modules (EBMs) supplement inbuilt batteries to extend runtime to over two hours (at 100 percent load at nominal power factor).

Gabriele Poccia, Product Manager for ABB Single-Phase UPS Product Line says: “ABB is now implementing additional UPS technology in lower-power products and this is having a very positive impact on our single-phase market. With the addition of the PowerValue 11T G2, we are rounding out our portfolio and offering owners of server rooms, ad displays, vending facilities, security gates and the like the opportunity to install a top-class, low-power UPS product for their application.”