ABB India set to expand Chennai centre


ABB India set to expand Chennai centre

Friday, May 22, 2015

Aligning with the global strategy, ABB India has drawn up a road map to expand its footprint in India and globally to service the traditional and emerging markets.

In line with this, it is planning to expand its engineering division at India Operations Centre (INOPC).

Set up in 2007 with 560 engineers, the division covers 26 countries, and produces a whole span of engineering products for the power sector.

The global head of ABB Power Systems, Claudio Facchin, along with a huge team visited Chennai to explore the infrastructure opportunities in four sectors namely – micro grids to provide power in remote areas, renewable energy, building smart grid and wireless communication technology for creating smart cities and strengthening power transmission and distribution network.

Within the power sector, ABB would focus mainly on three areas – integration of renewable energy with main grid, distributed power generation network and intelligence sub stations.

ABB’s (2015-2020) next level strategy was designed to take it to the next level.

Mr. Facchin said: “ABB sees India as a key player in achieving this 2020 strategy and the Chennai Centre can play a key role.”

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