ABB announces latest solution to automate secondary distribution networks and minimize outages

23 March 2018

The Ring Main Unit Digital Upgrade is the latest solution to upgrade existing secondary switchgear and is enhanced to meet the increasing demands for smart automation solutions in secondary distribution networks.

Rising energy demand and environmental concerns are the major challenges in today’s energy sector in terms of generation, transmission and distribution. ABB’s technologies help to transform traditional power networks into smarter grids that can deliver renewable power over long distances, while maintaining reliability and efficiency.

ABB’s Ring Main Unit (RMU) Digital Upgrade solution for SafeRing and SafePlus (12-24kV) provides monitoring, control and measurement. It includes feeder automation devices with wired or wireless communication interfaces for Distribution Management System (DMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, and power supply back up.

Digitally upgraded RMUs enable network operators to obtain real time data for analyzing and decision making, in order to optimize operations and improve power quality. Operators will also be able to monitor the grid to enable remote fault localization and isolate the faulty part of the network to ensure faster power restoration.

The solution is comprised of ready-made packages that are easily plugged in to existing RMUs. This ensures that the time required for on-site work is kept to a minimum so that out-of-service time is acceptable to the grid owner.

Utilities and energy consumers alike will benefit from the improved quality of power supply and shorter outages coupled with enhanced operational efficiency and network stability.