AAEON introduces BOXER-6404 Embedded Box PC

Wednesday, Oct 21, 2015

AAEON introduces BOXER-6404 embedded PC. The latest addition to the company’s line of entry-level embedded PCs, the BOXER-6404 is one of the smallest, most compact embedded PCs on the market, measuring 166 x 106.6 x 30 mm. Within its enclosure packs a quad core CPU, the Intel Celeron J1900, providing adequate computing power capabilities, such as dual display via the system’s two HDMI ports, a simple network appliance through the system’s 4 LAN ports with both dual host and LAN redundancies. An additional SKU with the dual core Intel Celeron N2807 is also available for less demanding applications.

In addition, the enclosure is made entirely out of aluminum. This design, combining the low power consuming CPU, not only allows a fanless configuration, but effectively extends its operating temperature to -20°C ~ 60°C, a range wider than most other contemporaries on the market.

“With the BOXER-6404, we retain only the core elements that our customers want.” said Ken Pan, Product Manager of AAEON’s Panel Appliances and Automation Division. “Rather than a superfluous design, we find elegance in simplicity”.

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