Danish Geothermal District Heating | Soren Berg lorenzen Interview


Danish Geothermal District Heating

Danish Geothermal District Heating
Soren Berg lorenzen
Managing Director
" In the lead up to the GeoPower & Heat Summit, taking place this December in Istanbul, Turkey we spoke with Soren Berg lorenzen, Managing Director, Danish Geothermal District Heating to get some more insights about the geothermal industry. "

1. What regions do you see as having the most geothermal potential and why?
With regards to electricity production, it seems obvious that areas with a very high geothermal gradient still holds the greatest potential, at least as long as EGS is still under development. But the direct use is in my eyes greatly overlooked, as there is potential for geothermal direct use almost anywhere in the world. This fits very nicely with the fact that the need for heating in many countries – especially in the more temperate climates – is in fact much higher than the electricity demand. So a greater focus on direct use – also within the industry – would be very beneficial.

2. What do you think have been the biggest advancement in helping the growth of the industry?
Risk mitigation mechanisms – especially national guarantee funds – have been crucial for the geothermal development in many countries, e.g. France and the Netherlands. Other countries should follow these good examples.

3. What’s your top tip to those trying to enter the industry and having a successful project?
Make sure you cooperate with others with the necessary knowledge and experience.

4. What’s the most important de-risking strategy?
Once again: nothing beats knowledge and experience in making sure a geothermal project is well planned and executed.

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