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Weighing Load Cells, Force Sensors, Torque Sensors, Displacement Sensors, Strain Transducers & Fiber Optic Sensors


Force Sensors

A recognized technological heritage Set up in 1983 with the added strength of a recognized technical heritage, SCAIME is one of the world leaders in the field of load cells and measurement for industry.

Combining a renowned product quality and technological expertise, we are able to offer a complete range of measurement solutions dedicated to industrial applications:

    Load cells
    Force sensors
    Pressure sensors
    Displacement sensors
    Fiber optics measurement systems

Well-fitted solutions to satisfy our customer needs

OEMs, Machine manufacturers

Weighing solutions dedicated to scale manufacturers, Packing machine manufacturers, vehicule or handling machine manufacturers.
Force, torque, position and strain measurement solutions for bench test manufacturers, vehicule manufacturers, medical devices or aircraft / helicopter manufacturers.

End-users, Engineering

Weighing solutions for automated processes in the field of Food & Beverage, Mining and materials, Chemical and Pharmaceutical.
Force, torque, position and strain measurement solutions for mechanical production control.
Structure health monitoring by fiber optic in the field of energy, building & civil works and transportation.

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