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Electric actuators, Solenoid valves, Gas pressure regulators & Aluminium die casting

REGADA s.r.o.
REGADA s.r.o.

Electric actuators

From year 2004 we made effort to enforce at new markets. We bet on potential of our employees, our products and results are slowly showing.

Year 2006 was in actual history a record year. We strengthened our position at Russian and Czech markets. We succeeded to increase export to EU countries and we consolidated our partnerships with companies for wich we are producing parts and subassemblies as subcontractor at co-operation department. In November 2006 we undertook from company ZPA KRIZIK in competition development and production of gas pressure regulators and expanded our production assortment.

Year 2007 means for company REGADA, s.r.o. end of the first decade of its existence. In Slovakian market we are the only production company in sphere of regulation and automation technique.

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REGADA s.r.o.
Strojnicka 7
080 06 Presov
Slovak republic.
Tel: +421 51 7480 411
URL: www.regada.sk

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