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CNC automatic lathes, Terminal Boxes and Feeder Ears & cutting lathes cam

PRASMET Sp. z oo
PRASMET Sp. z oo

CNC automatic lathes

PRASMET was founded In 2002 as a result of section Mechanical and Automotive Department off from organization structure of PAFAL S.A.
   Due to expantion and investments PRASMET became freestanding and self-relient company. Thanks to investition made in modern and innovative machines our company started to be equal partner for the business in 21st century. Our tool shop includes CNC milling machines, CNC turning lathe, surface grinding machine, 3 EDM wire cutting machines and electrodrilling machine

   We are the owner of metal processing technology - cutting, machining, pressing, thermoplastic processing. Our machinery park is complete with more than 100 tools.

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PRASMET Sp. z oo
ul. Pafalu 11,
58-100 ?widnica,
Tel: +48-748527850

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