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Neff Gewindetriebe GmbH
Neff Gewindetriebe GmbH

Rapid Prototyping

Who wants to go new ways for customers from the mechanical engineering, handling and automation technology, the beaten track of drive engineering must know so well as Karl Neff. developed more than 100 years, manufactures and markets the family NEFF threaded and linear actuators in rolled and polished quality with the highest precision. Our products combine consistent user orientation, Swabian inventive spirit and uncompromising quality.

NEFF produced using the modular principle exactly the drive that matches the customer application: Gleitgewindetriebe with different trapezoidal screws and nuts, precision rolled or ground ball screws and screw jacks. Happy as a special solution from single pieces to mass production. So we save customers at the right end: with short lead times, competitive prices and comprehensive consulting service, we are a reliable partner of equipment, machine and equipment manufacturing.

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Neff Gewindetriebe GmbH
Karl-Benz-Straße 24,
71093 Weil im Schönbuch,
Tel: +49 7157 538900
URL: www.neff-gewindetriebe.de

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