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We provide a clean, safe and economical energy supply - together with the citizens on the spot.

Currently based energy supply in Germany is still predominantly on fossil and nuclear fuels. Energy is mainly produced in large power plants, which are in the hands of a few large energy companies. It continues to operate mainly nuclear and coal power plants and invest little in renewable energy installations. Consumers are not generally part in the planning of new facilities and have no opportunity to contribute financially to this.

The aim of NATURSTROM AG: a sustainable and citizen-oriented energy policy

NATURSTROM represents a climate- and environment-friendly citizens' energy supply based on 100% renewable energy that is environmentally friendly, safe and long-term affordable.

In the future, we want to produce more and more energy from renewable energy sources in the region and supplying consumers locally so. This will benefit all concerned citizens, communities, businesses and farmers: Because the value remains in the region and the power supply is safe, environmentally friendly and more democratic.

In addition, investments are suitable for new eco-power plants well as a financial investment. The development of renewable energies creates and secures local jobs and contributes to the local economy. considered overall economics has a decentralized energy revolution great advantages. including through the discharge of electricity networks, which makes the construction of new power lines superfluous

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