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Delta - Supervision relay

The focus in our industrial activities is on safely satisfying the needs of demanding segments such as power generation, petro-chemical and water treatment plants, mining, shipbuilding and installation and building automation.

For decades these industries have been growing and changing for many reasons: economic growth in developing countries, focus on environmental friendly power generation and fail safe operation, ongoing upgrading, modernization and technical refinement, worldwide international trade boosting the shipbuilding industry.

Business interrupts in these segments are not an option and the need for ultra-reliable proven products and solutions is mandatory.

Mors Smitt has been recognized for decades as supplier of dependable products and services in these industrial segments. In several geographical areas in the world a trusted and dominant market position has been achieved.

Company strategy for our industrial business is based upon further responsible development and expansion of its high quality components in the many current sectors it serves. To keep offering the industrial sector the support it is demanding, Mors Smitt focuses the skills, talents and experience of its staff in three main industrial activities:

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