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Menzel Elektromotoren GmbH
Menzel Elektromotoren GmbH

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We are a medium-sized globally active company for drive technology with more than 85 years experience in the production and delivery of electric motors for all types of industrial applications.

Our comprehensive delivery program includes different types and sizes of electric motors, from standard low-voltage motors up to high-voltage motors customised for projects with an output up to 20,000 kW. The range includes squirrel cage motors, slip ring motors as well as flange motors and direct current motors in all conventional versions with different cooling and protection ratings as well as rated voltages up to 13.8 kV.

Beyond the delivery of our standard series, we also produce electric motors in custom versions of every imaginable type according to the specifications and requirements of our customers, as individual items for special applications as well as a reserve or replacement, mechanically or electrically interchangeable with existing motors.

We focus on the quickest possible delivery of large electric machines – including special versions. Extensive warehousing, flexible provision even outside normal business hours, short production times as well as modern processing and testing facilities all enable us to provide you with a unique reaction time. A particular advantage is the quickest possible delivery of our warehouse stocks comprising 20,000 motors, which ensures that brand-new electric motors with an output up to 15,000 kW are ready for you.

In doing so, our electric motors naturally comply with international standards and guidelines for the most up-to-date technologies. Our high export share is a reflection of the international recognition of our services.

We are proud to be able to distinguish ourselves in the market with our service offering relating to our speed, service and engineering. Where many months usually pass until a new motor can be delivered, the decision is obvious: Menzel Elektromotoren is the quick partner at your side!

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