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Magnetrol International N.V.
Magnetrol International N.V.

Polaris Electromagnetic Flow Meter

"Industry leader" is a role Magnetrol® has played for over 80 years. In fact, the history of MAGNETROL is a story of the pioneers who built the level instrumentation industry.

We manufactured the first liquid level switch to accurately and safely detect motion of liquid in boilers and feedwater systems. We introduced the first pneumatic valve controller, supporting the growth of the nuclear power industry with new standards in safety and performance.

As our name became synonymous with rock-solid, reliable mechanical buoyancy controls, we secured our core capabilities in electronic technologies, including RF capacitance and ultrasonic. And, of course, we started a legacy of world-class, award-winning radar instrumentation, which continues today with the launch of the breakthrough Eclipse® Model 706 guided wave radar.

The MAGNETROL team of innovators has never looked back.

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