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Ma.Ro.S. Engineering Srl
Ma.Ro.S. Engineering Srl

Butterfly valves

Founded in 1991, MAROS started the business as a subcontractor and for many years has offered the most technologically advanced solutions to many client companies. Thanks to this experience, it has developed a high level of expertise and knowledge in many sectors of the mechanical industry and represents the state of the art in the field of industrial valves.

Our company's strategies are based on:

  • Continuous observation of the market and attention to the proper management of information in order to answer promptly to customers' needs in different sectors.
  • Establishing a collaborative relationship with our customers and suppliers, in order to get helpful information to improve day by day the quality of our products, technical assistance and marketing services.
  • Careful quality control of the raw material and the stages of the production process, from the design to the finished product testing.
  • Purchase of raw materials and components only by Italian companies.
  • Implementation of each stage of the production within the company, including manufacturing and assembly.
  • Use of CNC cutting edge machine tools and latest CAD-CAM solutions.
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement using a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

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