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Linuo Valves USA
Linuo Valves USA

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LINUO Valve Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial valves. As a hi-tech enterprise dedicated to the scientific research, development, production, and marketing of industrial valves, LINUO aims to provide high-quality engineered products to differentiate itself. Through years of effort, LINUO has become renowned as a specialized, strong, and long-standing industrial producer of control and manual valves - spanning 38 series and over 400 specifications. These products are widely used in the petroleum, chemical, paper making, petrochemical, chemical fiber, metallurgy, electric power, environmental protection and pharmaceutical industries.

LINUO operates a 180,000 square foot factory featuring large-scale, sophisticated equipment with high output capability. ISO 9001-2008 and Six Sigma Management Systems are implemented throughout each department and procedure to manufacture the products under strict process control. Our professional craftsmanship, rigorous quality control system, and scientific management techniques ensure that each LINUO valve meets or exceeds our customer's requirements.

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