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LinMot & MagSpring NTI AG
LinMot & MagSpring NTI AG

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NTI AG is a global manufacturer of high quality tubular style linear motors and linear motor systems and thus focuses on the development, production and distribution of linear direct drives for use in industrial environments.

Founded in 1993 as an independent business unit of the Sulzer Group, NTI AG has been in operation since 2000 as an independent company.

NTI AG headquarters are located in Spreitenbach, near Zurich in Switzerland. In addition to three production sites in Switzerland and Slovakia, NTI AG maintains a sales and support office LinMot® USA Inc. to cover the Americas.

The brands LinMot® for industrial linear motors and MagSpring® for magnetic springs are offered to customers worldwide. NTI AG maintains an experienced customer consultant sales and support network of over 80 locations worldwide.

For the realization of linear motion NTI AG is always a competent and reliable partner.

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