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Lanso Konly (Shanghai) Instruments Co., Ltd.
Lanso Konly (Shanghai) Instruments Co., Ltd.

Density Sensors

Lanso Konly (Shanghai) instruments Co., Ltd is located at XinZhuang industrial zone Shanghai. It is a professional corporation oriented to power industry. It is mainly engaged in control products related to instruments, automatic control and electrical devices, integrated with research, production, sales and services. Our company now has SF6 gas density monitor series, SF6 gas density meters, manometers, valves, density transmitters and on-line monitoring series.

There are more than 100 employees in our company, among whom more than 50 percent have a doctor’s degree, master’s degree, bachelor’s degree or college above education. The company owns a young, knowledgeable and high-quality professional technical team abounding in great vigor and vitality, and through the ISO 9000 quality authentication. The company scrupulously abide “customer first” principle of service.

The company has an outstanding technical team, has a strong capability in design and production, and commits itself to new concept of service. We provide high-quality and perfect services for customers, and accordingly get great support and trust from them. Currently our products are distributed all over the country and play an important role in upgrading urban and rural power girds of state major construction. The products have also been sold in ABB, AREVA, SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, Taikai, Pinggao, Xikai, Beikai, Shenkai, etc. and established good relations of cooperation.

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Lanso Konly (Shanghai) Instruments Co., Ltd.
50,Lane3679,Jindu Road,
Xinzhuang Industrial Zone,
Tel: (+86) 021-54420482

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