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Knorr Präzisionsteile GmbH

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CNC turning & CNC milling

Knorr Präzisionsteile GmbH
Knorr Präzisionsteile GmbH

CNC milling

KNORR Präzisionsteile GmbH manufactures since 1938 rotary and erstklassischen Frästeile Standards. We process while all machinable materials such as brass, Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

CNC turning

In non-ferrous metals, cutting steel,Stainless steel 4301 and 4305, Plastic, aluminum Ø 6 to 60 mm in bar machining Insert up to Ø 150 mm.

CNC milling

In non-ferrous metals, cutting steel, Stainless steel 4301 and 4305, Plastic, aluminum, Tool steel, 3-axis, 4 axis, 5-axis machining, All geometries (Also 5-axis simultaneous) to 762 x 460 x 460 mm 

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Knorr Präzisionsteile GmbH
Industriering 15,
01744 Dippoldiswalde,
Tel: +49 3504 64490