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Kaposvári Villamossági Gyár Kft.

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Fuse links, Terminal blocks, Distributor equipments, Disconnectors and their drives & Equipments for electric traction

Kaposvári Villamossági Gyár Kft.
Kaposvári Villamossági Gyár Kft.

Fuse links

 The Electrotechnical Factory Kaposvár is designing, developing, manufacturing and selling fuses, terminal blocks, electrical devices and equipments since more than 40 years. Our hand- motor- and remote-operated pole switches, disconnectors, low and middle voltage distributor equipments, transformer stations can be found int he area of every current supplier, but we also manufacture disconnectors, distributor equipments and remote-operated motor drivers for fixed track public transport (railway, tram, subway).

We export more than 40% of our yearly production: the thermosetting terminal blocks manufactured for Weidmüller Interface GmbH are famous all over the world. We deliver our low voltage fuse links to almost all countries of Europe.

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Kaposvári Villamossági Gyár Kft.
Guba Sándor u. 38,
7400 Hungary.
Tel: +36 82 508 367
URL: www.kvgy.hu/en