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Free Wheels

Founded in 1981, Italcuscinetti S.p.A. sets itself apart by being specialised in the rotation sector, which over the years has allowed it to become a point of reference for national and international vendors and manufactures.
With its two brands , ISB and NBS, Italcuscinetti S.p.A. can offer a complete, high quality range of products, appreciated by customers operating in many production sectors.

Today, ISB is THE brand of reference of bearings, self-aligning supports, plain bearings, bushes, spherical bearings, rod ends, wishbones, large bearings, load bearing spheres, polymer-based bearings, bonderised bearings, metal shaft seals and stainless steel products.

ISB-EMS (Electrical Motors Standard) is a specific line of bearings created for “low noise” applications.
NBS is the brand of reference for roller bearings, free wheels, cages, cups, rails and roller tracks, shaft seals and O-rings, linear ball bearings and aluminium alloy supports and linear systems.

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