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Assembly Machinery

IMM Hydraulics is a multinational company that designs, produces and distributes hydraulic hoses and fittings as well as equipment for the assembly, testing and commissioning of the same. The know-how acquired in 25 years of activity and the continuous study of technological innovations for the implementation of new solutions, allow the IMM to position itself in the market as one of the international references for the production of connection systems.

The entrepreneurial predisposition to develop took IMM Hydraulics reach significant volumes in both commodity "core" areas: an annual production above 40 million units as part of the fittings and a more than 20 million meters for the segment tube. Volumes that have enabled the achievement of consolidated turnover exceeding 70 million euro, thanks to the collaboration of more than 500 people worldwide. The company's strategic policies, adopted on both the business plan is to finance, have contributed decisively to identify , in the logic of growth and efficiency, the main development targets. The process has been following uniform guidelines that enhance the synergies between size, technology, variety, market presence, and above all people.

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