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Hefter Hungary Kft.

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Hefter Hungary Kft.
Hefter Hungary Kft.

CNC Machining

For more than 50 years we design, produce and optimize precision mechanical OEM products for a great variety of branches. Thereby we are not only involved with the production, but also with a large number of individual services involving the supply and delivery of precision mechanical components and systems.

We regard our collaboration with our customers as a value-added partnership, that, based on a high level of customer orientation and active consulting, brings with it synergies and lasting success. Our customers can thereby fall back on experience in many branches, a high degree of innovation and a long tradition.

Due to our locations in Prien and Hungary we are able to achieve an optimal cost mix for you, optimize the production for your product and pass on saving potentials directly to you.

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Hefter Hungary Kft.
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Tel: + 36 (96) 540-0

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