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G.A. Kiesel GmbH

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Pig cleaning systems, Pump technology, Cellarage Technology & Environmental protection

G.A. Kiesel GmbH
G.A. Kiesel GmbH

Launching and Receiving Stations

G.A. KIESEL GmbH is a worldwide operating medium-sized family business with headquarters in Heilbronn/Germany. Traditionally KIESEL operates in strategic market segments and provides international competitivness in full compilance with the highest qulatity standards. The KIESEL product range consists of valves and fittings, pig cleaning technologoy and pump technology; the complete range of „internal liquids logistics“ in production facilities.

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G.A. Kiesel GmbH
Wannenäckerstraße 20,
74078 Heilbronn,
Tel: +49 7131 28250

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