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FUCHS Schraubenwerk GmbH
FUCHS Schraubenwerk GmbH

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FUCHS SCHRAUBENWERK is located in the city of SIEGEN (South Westphalia), in the heart of Germany.

The area of Siegen, the SIEGERLAND, is one of the oldest industrial regions of Central Europe. Iron ore mining, its smelting and subsequent processing of iron and steel, determined through many centuries the economic life of the region of Siegen.

The roots of the present firm FUCHS SCHRAUBENWERK also gPrecision Parts, Specialty Fasteners & Standard Fastenersoes back to the early 19th century. The family began in 1810,

aside from farming, agriculture and trade, with the processing of iron in one of the oldest known hammer mills of Siegerland, the HAARDTER HAMMER.

A foundry and - around the middle of the 19th century - a puddling works and a steel rolling mill was added, carrying already the name of  FUCHS + CO, situated only a few hundred yards away from the present production site.
The effects of a spectacular bank crash in Siegen lead in 1894 to a total loss of all industrial activities.

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FUCHS Schraubenwerk GmbH
Bismarckstrasse 24
D-57076 Siegen
Tel: +49 271-4095-0
URL: www.fuchs-schrauben.de

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