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FPT Robotik GmbH & Co. KG
FPT Robotik GmbH & Co. KG


FPT represents Future Philosophy in Technology. This is our guiding principle since this is the vision we are living and working for. It offers decisive advantages to our customers: Quality without compromise. Economic efficiency. Solutions that fit.

What does this mean specifically?

FPT develops and produces industrial robots. We focus on complete systems as well as tailor-made automation equipment in the areas of assembly (LAMY Project), palletizing and logistics (Ravensburger Spieleverlag Project). Our activities also involve automation solutions, for example, for plastic injection molding and metal-removing machines in production.

Moreover, we are KUKA system partners. The FPT robot system is based on KUKA compatibility – this is an advantage which enables us to offer our products world-wide. This means for you:
First, you will get the most advanced industry standard. Second, the FPT robots combine strong points which are only either/or options elsewhere: Speed, agility, large bandwidth of work envelopes.

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FPT Robotik GmbH & Co. KG
Schattbucher Straße 10
D-88279 Amtzell
Tel: +49 75 20 - 95 13 -0

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