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Forja Neptun
Forja Neptun

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S.C. FORJA NEPTUN S.R.L. was established in the year 2002 as a private company and is specialized in providing high quality forgings, machined parts and components for a wide range of areas.

The main activity is the manufacture of metal products obtained by plastic deformation, manufacture of fasteners (stud bolts, nuts etc.), machining operations, mediation service in the wholesale trade, from its own supply base.

Supported by an experienced team, Forja Neptun has the ability to develop rapidly from the initial concept, through simulation, production mold and volume production approval, in a wide range of materials. We can produce pieces from the customer`s design or use it as the basis, analyzing and recommending the most efficient product for customers. For mold designing are used special computer-aided design programs.

The company has modern and advanced equipments, as well as mechanical testing laboratories, spectrochemical analysis and non destructive testing, where is tested the quality of raw materials that used in products and which represents the warranty of their high quality.

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Forja Neptun
Infratirii, 295, Baicoi,
Prahova, 105200
Tel: +40 244-307 150

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