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Aluminum Conveyor Systems, Stainless steel conveyor systems, Modular wide belt conveyors

FlexLink Systems Pte Ltd
FlexLink Systems Pte Ltd

Modular Wide Belt Conveyors

Turn-key robot solutions for most material handling applications within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The robotics offer cover the production process from the beginning of line, inline, to the end of line. We have the competence and know-how for robot- and PLC programming, integration of vision systems and tracking systems; development of gripper technology; validation IQ/OQ as well as safety technologies, with international regulations and standards.

Typical solutions

  • •  Bulk feeding
  • •  De-palletizing, de-nesting
  • •  Picking/packing
  • •  Palletizing

Worldwide competence
FlexLink has extensive expertise on robotic applications for material handling, with more than 300 installations worldwide. Installed robot types: 6-axis, collaborative, gantry, parallel and scara. It is straightforward to create a full line thanks to the wide range of production solutions offered by FlexLink.

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