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FCT Hartbearbeitungs GmbH

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External and Internal Cylindrical Grinding, Lapping and Polishing & Surface Grinding

FCT Hartbearbeitungs GmbH
FCT Hartbearbeitungs GmbH

Lapping and Polishing

The FCT Hartbearbeitungs GmbH was originally established for the processing of manufactured within the FCT group Hochleistungskeramik- components and as a service provider.

Due to the expansion and diversification of products expanded the "hard-working" their prerogatives with regard to the production of hot Pressed silicon nitride (HPSN), sintered silicon carbide (SiC) - and zirconia (ZrO2 / Y-TZP) -Werkstoffen and other specialties.

Today, the "hard working" well known and established as a manufacturer of small, high-precision up to large-scale, highly complex ceramic components from the materials mentioned, the item / prototype to small series.

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FCT Hartbearbeitungs GmbH
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