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Electricfor, S.A.
Electricfor, S.A.

Level Controllers

We introduce ourselves as your alternative to thermoelectric applications. Electricfor designs and manufactures heating elements and heating equipment. Our experience of 92 years gives us the confidence to choose the appropriate solution for each project.

We have a sales department willing to attend any of your requests which is supported by a qualified technical department. This technical department is based on new technologies and technical developments.

We hope that your trip though our website allow you to discover who and how we are.

We have tried to convey our philosophy which is availability, experience, technology, flexibility and customer service.

We want to offer you the security you are looking for in the development or maintenance of your project.

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Electricfor, S.A.
C./ Ca n'Alzamora 34-36
08191 Rubí Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 697 78 10
URL: www.electricfor.com

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