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Elcore GmbH

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Elcore GmbH
Elcore GmbH

Elcore 2400 Max

The Elcore GmbH is an independent company - and one of the most progressive in Germany.

With key components for fuel cell systems develops, produces and markets Elcore in Munich innovative product solutions for high-efficiency power supply, including the most efficient energy systems in the world. The solutions were specifically developed for gas powered homes and can be installed quickly and easily in new buildings, heating exchange or Altbaumodernisierung.

The group has a high depth development and production. All the necessary components to electrodes and membranes are self-produced, why Elcore can ensure a high rate of development, outstanding product features, high quality and very competitive cost structures. This is the key to sustainable success operating in the market.

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Elcore GmbH
Bayerwaldstr. 3
81737 München
Tel: +49 89 6780463-77
URL: www.elcore.com

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