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eht Siegmund GmbH

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Energy efficiency, Municipal climate protection and Sustainable building design

eht Siegmund GmbH
eht Siegmund GmbH

Building Design

The eht Siegmund GmbH is a privately owned manufacturing, service and development company with the priority themes of energy efficiency, increase efficiencies, municipal climate protection, sustainable building design, assistance with funding and financing.

eht Siegmund develops, manufactures and markets integrated systems and innovative products for the building and home automation. The systems are available for energy efficiency, profitability and sustainability for the perfect indoor climate with healthy indoor air and the highest comfort. eht Siegmund guarantees a healthy, allergy-friendly room climate, comfort and trades involved in planning freedom (all components installed invisibly).

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eht Siegmund GmbH
Heideweg 28
53604 Bad Honnef
Tel: +49 2224 8289 0

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