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Edwards is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products, abatement solutions and related value-added services.
Our products are integral to manufacturing processes for semiconductors, flat panel displays, LEDs and solar cells; are used within an increasingly diverse range of industrial processes including power, glass and other coating applications, steel and other metallurgy, pharmaceutical and chemical; and for both scientific instruments and a wide range of R&D applications. 

Edwards has over 4,200 employees - operating in approximately 30 countries worldwide - engaged in the design, manufacture and support of high technology vacuum and exhaust management equipment. We have a rich 94-year history serving a $6+ Billion market.

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R. Bernardo Wrona - Jardim Pereira Leite,
São Paulo - SP, Brazil.
Tel: + 55 011 3952 5000
URL: www.edwardsvacuum.com

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