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Eckart GmbH

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Rotary Actuators, Valve Actuator, Linear Cylinders and Rotary-Linear-Combinations

Eckart GmbH
Eckart GmbH

Rotary Actuator

For more than 40 years, the name Eckart has stood for innovative rotary actuators and custom-made hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Eckart GmbH was founded in 1969 and manufactures hydraulic and pneumatic rotary actuators/rotary drive units, lift/slewing devices, linear cylinders, and custom-made equipment for all industry branches.

Eckart GmbH is a 100% privately owned company. Rudi, Markus, and Werner Eckart share the business management responsibilities. The demands of the economy are continuously met and the investments never stop. These activities determine the company's course of action and will continue in the second and third generation.

Our products are synonymous with exceptional quality, high availability, and excellent support. That's why we are recognised worldwide. Furthermore, we support our customers with numerous beneficial services such as tailor-made designs, internal and external training workshops, and last but not least, flexible financial services.

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Eckart GmbH
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