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Ebion Kablo
Ebion Kablo

Insulated Low Voltage Power Cables

We have given life to Ebion KABLO with our sale experience and background for more than 15 years in the last quarter of  this year 2011. EBION KABLO, its headquarter in ?stanbul, has been doing its manufacture activities at the 17.000 m2 area and 8.300 m2 indoor factory located in Denizli with capacity of 1300 tons cupper processing . We are operating in manufacture activities through our high-tech machinery under our team of experts  at our eyeful and impressive integrated plants with modern substructures. Our product range is mainly based on 0,6/1 Kv Low Tension Cables. At the same time  non fuming ‘HALOGEN FREE’ CABLES , utilized in densely populated areas, are included in our product range. We  examine every stage of our manufacture process by our new and modern test devices. Thus, we try to deliver only highest quality products to our customers. We prove our product’s reliability by ISO-9001 Quality reliability system. Also we have covered our quality status through our assembly line comforming to standarts of TSE, HAR, IEC, CE, RoHS, GOST-R, GOST-K, UkrSEPRO. We, as EBION KABLO, intend to create value for our partners, business associates and customers, by merging our high quality and high tech products with customary ‘ERENLER CABLE SERVICE QUALITY

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Ebion Kablo
Perpa Ticaret Merkezi A-Blok Kat:2
No:2-3 - 34384 Okmeydan? - ?stanbul
Tel: +90 212 210 65 30

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