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Chunlon Corp
Chunlon Corp

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Chunlon Corp., a member of Tailon Group (TWSE: 6246), has been persistently providing cross-industry innovative solutions for over 40 years.

Since 1973, as the rapid evolving industries, Chunlon associated ourselves with customers from various industries, such as semiconductor, electronics, optoelectronics, automation, printing, petroleum & petrochemical, aerospace, medical, commodity industries, etc. We are focusing on innovation of technology, pursuing excellent quality and keeping management mindset pace with the times. We are committed to provide our customer with more economical, more efficient, greener and healthier to enhance their competitive advantage. 

From CRT monitor component, LCD component, customized electrical transformer, public address speaker, cable and wire harness in the early ages, we proactively develop consumer electronics and LED products and printing thermal film markets in recent years and provide a more integrated ODM services for our customers.

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Chunlon Corp
6F, No. 26, Sec. 3rd,
Nanjing E. Rd.,
Taipei City 10489, Taiwan.
Tel: +886-2-2517-1919

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