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Automation Excellence Pvt Ltd

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Automation Excellence Pvt Ltd
Automation Excellence Pvt Ltd

PowerFlex 4M AC Drives

Automation Excellence Private Limited offers a wide range of Products, Systems and Services that cover the entire range of Industrial Automation for any manufacturing plant from DC/AC Drives to PLC to DCS to SCADA and creates the link with Corporate Enterprise  with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Automation Excellence combines the power of Industrial Automation and the IT world in manufacturing to provide a Total ‘Shop Floor to Top Floor’ Solution.The company is managed by a group of professionals who have been pioneers in the industrial automation arena and have many years of experience in this  field.

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Automation Excellence Pvt Ltd
New No. 27, Old No. 14 Josier Street,
First Floor, Nungambakkam
Chennai 600034, India
Tel: +91 9384811247
URL: www.automationexcellence.in

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