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Hydraulic cylinders, Screw In Cylinder & Circular Block Cylinder

AHP Merkle GmbH
AHP Merkle GmbH

Hydraulic cylinder

We are driving the success of our customers. To meet this objective we have been developing, designing and manufacturing high-quality hydraulic cylinders since 1973, which today are in demand all over the world.

Many of our individually developed cylinders are industry-standard, which is the result of a modular product line policy thus offering our customers efficient individuality and quick availability.

Moderate economic activity, developing the vision on obvious elements and maintaining trusting relationships with our business partners are part of our tradition.

Since 2010 AHP Merkle has been located in the completely redesigned company head office in Gottenheim near Freiburg. Here internal routes have been shortened even further, the goods flow optimised, space created for ideas and competency of our employees and our common objective: Success for our customers.

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AHP Merkle GmbH
Nägelseestr. 39
79288 Gottenheim
Tel: 49 7665 4208-0
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