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ADFweb.com S.r.l.

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232/485 Serial Products, Analyzers /Sniffers & Adapters

ADFweb.com S.r.l.
ADFweb.com S.r.l.

HD67118 Converter

We are a dynamic company specialized in technology.

We develop and produce electronic equipment, such as the following: 

  1.Gateways for the connection between field bus and/or different protocols (CANopen, Modbus, Zigbee etc.).
  2.I/O Electronic boards. 
  3.Electronic apparatus for measuring and acquiring data. 
  4.Customized electronic apparatus, including driver and software. 


Our products can be produced with our brand name or customized with our customers’ name. 
We sell our products all around the world through online and through resellers. 
It is very important for us to serve customers quickly and effectively. 
We pride ourselves in offering comprehensive technical service with the installation of all our products. 

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ADFweb.com S.r.l.
Nuova, 17, IT-31010
Mareno di Piave,
Treviso, Italy.
Tel: +39 340 48 47 412
URL: www.adfweb.com

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