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Key Products : Cable for Multi Axis Robots, Cable for Carrier, Sunlight Cables

Founded in 1923, Taiyo Cabletec Corporation is a pioneer in the manufacturing of wires and cable products and remains a doyen of the modern manufacturing.

The wire products at Taiyo, Japan are manufactured to meet international quality standards for driving high performance and productivity.

At Taiyo Cabletec, we are keen to pursue product development as we take every effort to maintain the standards changing with time and needs of customers.

The range of wire products produced support different types of industrial applications including factory automation, industrial plant automation.

The products are manufactured in Tao’s facilities at Japan, China and Thailand but are delivered by domestic distribution centers taking complete control on product quality.

We at Taiyo, get motivated from customer demands while being a responsive company by the incorporation of sustainable manufacturing practices.

We take great care in manufacturing eco-friendly cables giving greater importance to conserving natural resources and minimising environmental impacts.

Built on sound economic principles to benefit customers, Taiyo Cabletec Corporation serves customers with untiring efforts throughout its journey towards 100th anniversary and beyond.

Taiyo Cables

The robot cable is designed with a special stranded conductor to make sure that it withstands 20 million cycles on our cable carrier test.

With its oil-resistant insulation and oil-resistance sheathing, the cable is made to work well in environments that require constant exposure to oil.

This is a product which is built for use in fast moving points with the best cost to performance ratio.

Cable for Multi Axis Robots

For Multi-Axis Robots
EXT-3D: For multi-axis robot
Designed and manufactured to meet CL3 listed standards of UL & cUL and NFPA70 and NFPA79 standards.

This is tested to withstand more than 20 million cycles of our torsion test.

EXT-3D is manufactured to withstand the rigorous movements of modern day multi-axis robots by adopting high elastic TPE insulation.

Ideal cable for applications with articulated robot.

Cable for Carrier

For Cable Carrier
EXT-II: Fast moving robot cable (long-selling)
Our composite conductor is patented and was engineered to provide durability to the conductor itself.

The custom, super low-friction PVC sheathing minimizes the drag between the cable and cable carrier in order to maximize the longevity of both the cable and cable carrier.

This cable is most suited to be used in fast moving points and can withstand over 50 million cycles in our cable carrier test.

The length of the cable is far more than Earth’s circumference considering the total sales in 15 years after release.

Ethernet Cable for FA

The ETFE insulation makes the insulation cable to withstand extreme environment and supports extreme usage when compared to its PVC-PVC counterparts.

The insulation robot cable offers high chemical resistance and has the capacity to work in an environment that requires dealing with high temperatures.

The ETFE insulation also allows for extreme usage such as high speeds.

Sun Light Series

These cables are crafted to meet UL, cUL and (PS) E standards.

Oil-resistant, flexible PVC is used as sheath material making it ideal to be used in slow-moving parts.

UL, cUL standard (UL, cUL recognition. UL, cUL listing)

The products are optimised for wiring the inside and outside of machinery and equipment and have acquired the North American safety standards.

CE marking recognition

Conforms to the European safety standards, such as TUV certification & CE Marking.  Some of our products are also in compliance with multi international standards.

China Compulsory Certification

Products manufactured in China are in compliance with the China Compulsory Certification (CCC)

Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law

Products and components are in compliance with the Electrical Appliance and Material Control Laws E. This is ideal for the use in manufacturing plant and equipment.

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