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Key Products : Cable Gland Accessories and Tools, EMT & IMC Pipes & Accessories, Ex-proof cable glands & Accessories

Over the years, Ortaclar Elektrik has evolved to be a premier player in the plastic and mold sector. Our ISO9001:2000 certified company transforms your designs/concepts into finished products which will satisfy your specifications and meet all appropriate quality standards.

We have been playing a key role in the electricity, machinery and automation sector since 1969. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with 20 plastic injection, 3 vertical injection, extruder and PVC coating machines, CNC countertops, test laboratory, metal working machines and moldings.

Ortaclar was founded on the commitment to provide customers with the finest solutions with highest quality. We are committed to develop long-term customer relationships with highest regards.

Our company strives to be considered amongst the best in providing end-to-end solutions in the plastic and mold sector. All the products we manufacture are made by our mold design and construction company.

Cable Gland Accessories and Tools

Cable Gland Accessories and Tools perform the key function of attaching and securing the connecting end of the cable to a device or equipment. The major function of this product is to provide strain relief, connecting the cable to the intended equipment. Ortaclar Elektrik is one of the leading manufacturers of clutch parts & accessories, Brass cable glands etc.

Ex-proof cable glands & Accessories

Our company provides explosion proof cable gland accessories, bushings and flexible conduits. We offer excellent solutions to meet the needs of our clients and our explosion proof flexible conduits can be used in hazardous and industrial environments. These cable glands are designed for strict adherence to global specifications.

ORvent Ventilation Humidity Gates & Tapes

ORvent Ventilation Humidity Gates & Tapes are available in various versions. NEMA cable Glands and Venting Accessories can be used in explosion proof and general purpose applications.

TACFLEX polyamide & metal spiral pipe & fittings

Our metal spiral pipe & fittings will meet your requirements. Spiral pipe is commonly used in dust collection as well as other applications such as industrial ventilation, spray booth stacking, welding booths, paper trim, pharmaceutical clean rooms, etc.

EMT & IMC Pipes & Accessories

Our EMT Conduit Fittings are driven by the needs of the electrician and provide ease of installation. They have long-term performance and add up to a lower installed cost for rigid fittings.

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