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Category : Valves Actuators and Positioners

Key Products : Hydraulic safety units, Hydraulic cylinders

Tecnofluid Engineering SrL offers itself as company at the forefront in the branch of hydraulics and engineering. Biggest merit of the company is the modern technical office, able to propose effective solutions for the widest range of needs, from plant engineering to the realization of custom devices on client's specific request. The winning combination of solid know-how and attention to the customer's requests renders Tecnofluid more than just a supplier: Tecnofluid is the ideal partner, able to supply flexible solutions which satisfy the customer with quickness and efficacy.

Thanks to the plurennial and continuous partnership with customers who are key players in the electromechanical field, Tecnofluid confirms its role of reliable partner, innovative and trustworthy.


Competence: This is the word that identifies Tecnofluid better. Our technical office uses the most advanced technologies (CAD 3D, programs for analyzing the finished elements for verification of the structural calculations) in order to satisfy any request in the quickest time. Not just engineering on customer's drawing, but real partnership, consulting and cooperation with the customer.

Technology: Tecnofluid boasts a machine equipment with top technology content, with CNC turning centers vertical, horizontal and multi pallet; CNC lathes with single and twin spindle assisted by robot for the automatic load of the pieces to be machined, and a fully equipped quality control division with 3D CNC measuring machines. All of this will allow you transforming your best ideas into successful products, thus rendering the passage as fluent as possible.

Reliability: trust us. Thanks to the fully computerized management of the company activities and internal procedures we can satisfy every request, even the most urgent, and give always reliable information's. A stock of semi finished products always monitored and replenished allows us to grant fast deliveries, even in case of custom products.

Products: Hydraulic safety units for presses, Hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic safety valves for presses, High pressure pumps, MV - HV devices for vacuum and SF6 switchgears.

Tecnofluid is able to offer a wide range of Hydraulic and Electromechanical industry, including special projects on specific request of the customer.


Hydraulic Power Locking Unit

The purpose of these unites is to avoid the machine overload during functioning. It improves the machine lifetime and enhances the safety standard of the production. The system consists of a hydro pneumatic power unit that is provided with distribution blocks (different versions available, according to machine specifications). Hydraulic safety units for presses can be used for all hydraulic applications requiring constant flow-rate, because it can produce a pulsing hydraulic flow. In addition to its extremely reduced overall dimensions, Hydraulic safety units for presses system can maintain the internal pressure of the connected hydraulic devices without using electric motors, because the power unit is equipped with a pneumatic engine. The modular design of this device makes it possible to increase the number of the independently-controlled device, up to a maximum of six. The hydraulic distributors available on these power units are fit for controlling single-acting hydraulic systems; if you wish to control a double-acting system, use also two distributor blocks for every single device or 4-way control blocks. These power units are available in five versions that differ by the maximum pressure which can be reached.

Furthermore Hydraulic safety units for presses are available with Nylon or painted aluminum tank. Owing to their peculiar structural characteristics, these power units can be used also under heavy environmental conditions, in the presence of dust, vapours, chips etc.

Pressure: from 30 to 450 bars

Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders meet the demand for small-sized pressing devices delivering considerable pushing force. Due to their small overall dimensions (their main characteristic), according to the model, these cylinders can be used to lock small, medium or large-sized pieces. Hydraulic cylinders can also be used for riveting, bending, marking or assembly works. They are manufactured in two versions (simple or double-acting), with a threaded external body and a smooth or tapped through hole, according to the model. Hydraulic cylinders can be secured (according to their model) using the thread available on the body, through the tapped holes on the body (flanged connection) or the through holes on the body. The hydraulic cylinders by Tecnofluid meet the strictest reliability requirements, also under heavy duty, whenever precise pushes and considerable work loads are required.

Sizes: bores from Ø20 to Ø100 - stroke from 20 to 50

Speed regulators and hydro-pneumatic cylinders complete our range of hydraulic actuators.

Sizes: bores from Ø50 to Ø63 - stroke from 50 to 500

Hydraulic safety valves

Hydraulic safety valves for presses are used for the quick exhaust of the hydraulic cushions of eccentric presses. The extremely high ratio of preloading pressure to safety device activation pressure (up to 1:5), allows the adoption of reduced preloading pressures for the hydraulic cushions, thus decreasing the stress the cushions are subjected to. The design of Hydraulic safety valves for presses makes it possible to continuously modify the activation pressure of the safety device, working on the preloading pressure delivered by the control unit.

Sizes: from ND18 to ND 63

Pre charge/intervention ratio: from 1:1,3 to 1:5

High pressure pumps

High pressure pumps exploit the pressure energy of compressed air in order to generate hydraulic pressures also with very high values. High pressure pumps are available in two versions: single and double effect. High pressure pumps functioning are foreseen only with dried and lubricated compressed air, and they can be mounted on specific tanks in order to create hydraulic power units. The materials used for manufacturing these pumps give excellent resistance to the aggression of external agents, making them particularly suitable for use in hostile environments in the presence of dusts and humidity.

Bores: 70mm - 80mm - 125 mm

Ratio: from 16:1 to 100:1

MV – HV devices

MV - HV devices for vacuum and SF6 switchgears are normally assembled on MEDIUM VOLTAGE switches using the technology of poles in vacuum (shock absorbers) or on medium and high voltage switches that use as a dielectric medium gas like SF6 (pressure switches). They are manufactured according to the specifications of the switchgear, and are the result of more than 10 years of cooperation with the world leading companies in electro-mechanics (see our website for references).

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