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Tantaline is a world leader in producing superb corrosion resistant and inert surfaces utilizing Tantaline's Alloy Bonding Surface Technology and tantalum metal, the most corrosion resistant metal commercially available.


Tantaline's technology is ideal for many industrial applications spanning chemical processing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical processing, offshore and electroplating industries that demand superior corrosion resistance and chemically inert materials at elevated temperatures.


Heat Exchangers and Coolers

Tantaline offer heat exchangers and coolers optimized for extremely corrosive acids. These heat exchangers and coolers have the most corrosion safe design commercially available. Tantaline heat exchangers and coolers out-perform special steels, nickel alloys, titanium and zirconium in hot acidic solutions. The acid resistance of Tantaline's tantalum based surface alloy is in the range of PTFE. The company manufactured heat exchangers and coolers enable 5-10 times more efficient heat transfer than PTFE coated solutions. Tantaline's surface alloy has further a superb thermal conductivity properties - similar to copper metal. Compared to nonmetallic heat exchangers like graphite, Tantaline heat exchangers and coolers offer more rigid metal design.

Tantaline heat exchangers and coolers are produced from standard stainless steel (or even copper) plates made by leading producers. Through the Tantaline process the corrosion safe tantalum surface layer is alloyed into the surface of the heat exchangers and coolers. The resultant heat exchangers and coolers are produced at a fraction of the cost. Tantaline heat exchangers and coolers are the most economical choice for highly corrosive environments.

Jobshop For Heat Treatment Attention

The Tantaline JobShop is custom designed equipment that requires corrosion protection beyond what stainless steel could handle. As a higher performing alternative to titanium, nickel alloys or zirconium a Tantaline JobShop solution provides the freedom to design custom parts out of standard materials like stainless steel. Tantaline provides the corrosion protection through Tantaline JobShop process.

The advantages of Tantaline JobShop are as follows:

  • All cmplex fabricatin and machining are dne n lw cst readily available materials like stainless steel.
  • Critical spares are stred in cmmn materials, keeping inventry csts dwn and n-site fr fast treatment and deliveries.
  • The Tantaline JbShp prcess is cmpletely gemetry independent and even the mst cmplex designs have the guarantee perfrmance.
  • All dimensinal tlerances are maintained in Tantaline JbShp.
  • The Tantaline JbShp prcess grws tantalum metal int the substrate creating an inseparable ally bnd that is extremely rugged and   durable and desn’t chip r spall.
  • The custm substrate will have all crrsin resistant prperties f tantalum metal, which is secnd t nne including Ti, Ni allys and Zr.
  • Lead times fr JbShp are typically 3 – 6 weeks.

Plug Valves

Tantaline plug valves are used fr extremely crrsive services. Tp plug valves manufacturers like Flwserve are assciated with Tantaline. The Tantaline plug valves are chsen because f their excellent design, reputatin and perfrmance. Since the tantalum surface is ally bnded, Tantaline plug valves are very suitable fr vacuum applicatins. These plug valves prvide unmatched perfrmance and have lnger life. Plug valves can be a lw cst ptin and ffer shrt lead times. Since mst valves culd be treated in the Tantaline prcess, the Tantaline JbShp prcess is available fr plug valves nt n ffer.

Pump Impellerss

Pumping aggressive media culd be prblematic especially at high temperatures. A Tantaline slutin fr pump impellers prvides many advantages as cmpared t ther specialty metal r PTFE slutins. Tantaline pump impellers allw the engineer t have extreme crrsin prtectin. The crrsin prtectin is achieved withut sacrificing the pump impellers perfrmance. Because Tantaline slutins are ally bnded t the pump impellers substrate, the tantalum metal surface will nt chip, spall r separate frm the substrate even under high RPM's.

Tantaline pump impellers slutin are extremely rugged and cmpliant and can withstand substantial abuse frm freign matter. In additin, because the Tantaline surface is cmpletely unifrm pump impellers balancing and smth peratin is easily achieved giving the pump greater life

Machined Tantalum Products

Tantaline is a leading supplier f machined tantalum products. The company has set up a new and highly efficient production unit in Scandinavia (Europe) t facilitate the production f machined tantalum products. The company offers machined tantalum products at very competitive prices and in an attractive lead-time as well. With Tantaline, customers rest assured f not having machined tantalum products' raw materials sourced from "low cost" countries. In addition, Tantaline offers highly engineered machined tantalum products and solutions. These machined tantalum products have a better material performance than expected from fabricated tantalum parts.

Machined Tantalum products from Tantaline includes:

  • Tantalum Fasteners
  • Tantalum Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Tantalum Therm Wells and sleeves
  • Tantalum Repair Kits
  • Tantalum Labratry Vessels
  • Tantalum Fittings
  • Tantalum Valves
  • Custmer Tantalum Parts Made t Drawing

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