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Category : Valves Actuators and Positioners

Key Products : Solenoid valves, Micro solenoid valves

Sirai® - New Micro Solenoid Valves

Sirai® - New Micro Solenoid Valves

The restyling process of SIRAI® catalogues, comes to a conclusion with the publication of the new MICRO SOLENOID VALVES one.

Subdivided by types and accompanied with many drawings and products’ photographs, the new “MICRO SOLENOID VALVES” catalogues collects all the information necessary to select the proper modl suited for different requirements.

SIRAI®’s micro solenoid valves constitute a specific response to the growing demand for small size low power control components, created by the constantly increasing integration of electronics and industry. A natural development of the general purpose solenoid valves, the micro solenoid valves can control a variety of non-aggressive liquid and gaseous fluids.

In addition to maintaining an excellent balance between miniaturisation and reliability, the construction solutions adopted provide the possibility of disassembly for cleaning and maintenance.

Produced in 2/2 or 3/2 normally closed, open or universal service versions plus proportional control and latching versions.

The enormous range of models makes those valves suitable for numerous applications while micro solenoid valves can be produced to special drawings and with materials and performances different from the standard models in the catalogue to meet specific or particularly complex requirements.

In order to simplify the surfing the SIRAI® world, also this catalogue provides a list of “code/page relation”, a “key to code” useful for the correct interpretation of the products codes and a “cross-section drawing” outlining the main internal components.


Solenoid Valves L182 In Aisi 316l Stainless Steel

Solenoid Valves L182 In Aisi 316l Stainless Steel

The range of L182 solenoid valves expands with new AISI 316L stainless steel models.

The new valves are available with different seals (FPM - NBR - EPDM) and GAS or NPT ports (3/8" - 1/2" - 3/4" - 1"). They are also available with both spade terminals coils and flying leads ones.

Further to the notable advantages guaranteed by stainless steel, among the benefits of this range can be counted the NSF Compliance (pending), the availability of coils with low power absorption, the availability of models with manual override and of coils with protection degree IP67.

The models of L182 stainless steel series can be used in car washing tunnels, in the agricultural milking robot system or in the food sector; in the metal washing machines or in equipment using aggressive fluids. Generally speaking in all the applications using non brass compatible fluids.

The new stainless steel range completes the already wide brass range, currently including WRAS approved models, models with latching coils, anti water-hammer models, models with chemical nickel coating (Ni-P) or with dezinicification-resistant brass body (on request).




SIRAI launches the new models L176 (2/2NC) and L376 (3/2NC) with ports size 1/4", available with either brass or stainless steel body, both with FPM sealing. They flank the current "general purpose solenoid valves" L172 and L372 with port size 1/8", Versions with manual override and/or with 1/4NPT ports size, are available on request.

There are a lot of benefits distinguishing these solenoid valves: low power absorption, noise reduction, great reliability and long life guarantee by constructive solutions that assure the core and plugnut pole faces protection, and by the square section core that reduces frictions, fur and the problems due to the dirty fluids control.

The features include the coils with UL approval and the RoHS compliance.

The technical features and the specific solutions adopted, make them suitable to operate in many sectors, even in humid and/or aggressive environments, for example: farm and dairy equipments, irrigation systems, tools (including metal cutting), electric and gas welding equipments, food industry equipments, pumps and air compressors, industrial laundry equipments, refrigeration and heating equipments, professional equipments for cooking and food warming, pneumatic valves piloting.