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RUHFUS SYSTEMHYDRAULIK GMBH, founded in 1907, designs, manufactures and supplies special hydraulic cylinders, power packs and electrical control panels for various industrial applications. We are specialized in the manufacturing of complex hydraulic cylinders, and offer complete system engineering and turnkey package for oil hydraulics.


Standing today as one of the top ten suppliers of sophisticated, long and complex hydraulic cylinders, RUHFUS is a certified company since 1996 by the Bureau Veritas International (BVQI) with the EN ISO 9001 certification of quality management.


We have the capacity to produce long stroke hydraulic (and pneumatic) cylinders with overall length of 20 meters, piston stroke range up to 15 meters, piston diameter up to 1200mm, outer diameter of up to 2000mm and total weight up to 25 tons. Our custom designed hydraulic cylinders (servomotors), power units, electrical controls (PLC or Relay - Contactor based) and single parts are being used in demanding and harsh environments like hydro power and dam gates, water and wind turbines, offshore, oil & gas, marine, naval, ship building, shipyard and dry docks, dredging, bridges and locks, mining, cement, lifting, presses, heavy machinery etc.


RUHFUS manufactures custom-tailored single and double-acting hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, and is receiving higher levels of customer satisfaction by the development and design of cylinders that fulfill customer outlines and their needs. We are also keen at manufacturing products based on the drawings provided by our customers.


Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder

We specialize in custom manufacturing of single and double acting heavy duty hydraulic cylinders. Also, our production line comprises telescopic cylinders too.

We develop and manufacture cylinders according to the conditions specified by our customer, or we deliver based on customer drawings.

Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders are very cognate to hydraulic cylinders. Nevertheless, these Pneumatic cylinders are part of product portfolio at Ruhfus.

HPU & Control Systems

Ruhfus Systemhydraulik GmbH has specialized in the manufacture of Hydraulic power units (HPU) & control systems for industrial use. In order to optimize the product with regard to your requirements, our competent team will be with you during the entire project phase                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Ruhfus Systemhydraulik GmbH can provide hydraulic power units with tank sizes up to 10,000 liters. For this we use oil tank according to DIN and also special containers that are individually tailored to your needs. 

We offer power units & control systems and special construction solutions like valve blocks, tanker racks, supporting structures for motor pump units and many other special components around your hydraulic power pack. In addition, based on the requirement, we deliver motors that are equipped with a frequency converter.

Furthermore, we offer delivery of a complete system from the cylinder via the hydraulic unit to the electrical control system.

Hydraulic cylinder components

Ruhfus provides complete mechanical machined parts and hydraulic cylinder components not only for hydraulics, but also for other industries and applications. The range of subcomponents and hydraulic cylinder components includes cylinder tubes, tie rods for hydraulic presses, rollers for paper machines, guide columns for plastic injection molding machines, piston and rod guides for the construction of cylinders, smooth-rolled or honed inner surface, with pivot pins, flanges, fork heads, bearing eyes and other connections that complies with specifications of the customer.

Telescopic cylinders

RUHFUS Systemhydraulik GmbH offers  maintenance, repair, upgrading, reconditioning of hydraulic cylinder parts and spares alongside general machine services like turning, milling, deep hole drilling, honing, skiving and roller burnishing, grinding, polishing, welding, coating, cladding etc.

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