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Category : Valves Actuators and Positioners

Key Products : Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic cylinders for die casting

HYDROPNEU practices ethics of precision, performance, experience and trust for customer benefits. With over fifty years in the industry and customer driven expertise in engineering, sales, consulting and support it has become easy to stand out in terms of quality, reliability and top service.


HYDROPNEU began its operations primarily in pneumatic cylinders and control components in 1958 at Württemberg. The company found its greater link in hydraulics and began to focus in this sector by targeting innovations and competent technology leading itself to a high standard and positioning among the top manufacturers in the hydraulic market.


By focusing mainly on manufacture of pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic power units and complete hydraulic control systems HYDROPNEU has come a long way more so, because the hydraulic cylinders are used in almost all industrial sectors: ranging from traditional mechanical engineering to high-tech medicine, from die-casting tool to racing cars spoiler, from waste incineration boiler to the turbine control.  With the increase in demand and catering with the supplies, HYDROPNEU has beefed up its activity in the field. It also provides options on the design of hydraulic system and knowledge about components.

Customized Special Cylinders

Customized special cylinders are a solution to the customers need and the company is dedicated for providing pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. We develop pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders directly usable in the kind of application and in the way you want to.

Our commitment and work is valued across mechanical engineering to the high-tech medicine, from the die-cast -tool to the steel mills and power plants as well as in turbine regulations.

The customized special cylinders include Block / multiple cylinders for clamping devices and presses, Feed cylinder for turning and grinding machines, Gate and core pull cylinders for mold and die casting machines, Telescopic cylinder, Cylinder with mounted control valves, Cylinder with attached rapid traverse / operation control, Cylinders with mounted terminal unit, Cylinder with piston rod locking - mechanically and hydraulically, corrosion resistant hydraulic cylinder, Stroke / rotary cylinder and rotary actuators and Servo cylinder.

Hydraulic Cylinder - Die-Casting

Hydraulic cylinders for die-casting are used in extreme condition in the industry and we are working on the direction to provide solutions in the same. Hydraulic cylinders may be required for working in confined spaces or large dirt or heat stress. It’s the need of the space which requires specially developed technologies and customized pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.

The Hydraulic die casts include ISO / standard hydraulic cylinder, standard series cylinder block, Hydraulic cylinder with limit switches, Hydraulic cylinder, Cooled hydraulic cylinder, Squeezing-cylinder, Core pull cylinders, Energy-optimized core pull cylinders type 58, Hydraulic locking unit and other varieties as per requirement.

Modular Standard Cylinder

The modular standard cylinder are standardized mounting dimensions for seals, modular construction and the use of standard parts for components and accessories guarantees maximum flexibility in terms of maintenance and replacement materials and manufacturing processes are of course also here chosen as that they meet the high quality requirements With up to 16 types of attachment per series, nominal pressures of 100 to 250 bar, piston diameters 25 to 320 mm and strokes up to 2000 mm, the cylinder can be optimally adapted to the respective application.

These Modular Standard Cylinder are available as: Differential cylinders, rod cylinders according to different specifications.

Pneumatic Standard Cylinder

Compact pneumatic standard cylinders are hydraulic cylinders utilized for the specific application, optimized in performance and top quality. One requires pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders which upgrades its execution, is essentially composed and fabricated in best quality for particular application. The standard cylinder has an economically viable outline and shorter length, with specifications such as- Ex. Cooling coat or mounting alternatives of switches and encoder frameworks.

These standard hydraulic cylinders are available: Bolt differential cylinder in circular construction, Differential cylinder with hydraulic lock and rod cylinder with varied specifications.

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