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Key Products : Ball Float Air Vent Valves, Ball Float Auto Drain Trap

BEP Engineering is leading company in manufacturing of various energy efficient products. Our expertise and innovation have brought us a world class reputation in the wide range of industries. At BEP Engineering, we always strive to delight Customers with our superior quality products.

Our product range includes:

  • Steam Traps
  • Sonic Soot Blower / Acoustic Horn
  • Thermostatic Air Vent
  • Steam Injector
  • Ball Float Auto Drain Trap
  • Ball Float Air Vent Valves

We are committed to delivering better-quality products with a performance guarantee.

BEP manufactures products in accordance with the international standards using better inputs.

BEP Management strongly focus on delivering premium range of products by testing the products on various quality parameters. We utilize latest technologies in manufacturing of our products.

With our extensive experience, we offer our energy efficient products to achieve improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs in their systems.

Ball Float Air Vent Valves

BEP Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Manufacturer of Ball Float Air Vent Valves.

These are designed for automatic removal of air and non-condensable gases from liquid lines. Our Air Vent Valves are suitable for venting of Water / Oil pipelines, process equipment and storage tanks.


The gas accumulated in the upper part of the valve installed at the highest point creates the pressure and thereby lowers the float which opens the outlet orifice & discharges the gas to the atmosphere.

The plug valve type discharge orifice of vent valve ensures efficient & maintenance free operation with zero leakage.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pressure Range: Up to 63 kg/cm2
  • Sizes: 15 NB to 200 NB
  • End Conn: Screwed / Socket Weld / Flanged


  • Simple Sturdy Design
  • Less Moving Parts
  • Proportionate Discharge Capacity
  • Suitable of very low differential pressure
  • Available various models


  • For Diesel / Petrol / Oil Pipelines
  • For Chilled Water / Hot Water & Fire Hydrant Lines
  • For Brine
  • For Various Chemical Lines
  • For Storage Tank & Process Equipments

Ball Float Auto Drain Trap

BEP Ball Float Auto Drain Traps are designed for outstanding performance, easy and sturdy designs. BEP Float Drain Traps are used to remove moisture smoothly from compressed air or pressurized gases with absolutely zero air/gas leakage.


Increasing level opens and decreasing level closes the outlet proportionately. The simple and sturdy design of rotary valve assures the reliable and trouble free operation of trap without any gas or air leakage.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pressure Range: Vacuum to 320 kg/cm2
  • Size – 15 NB to 100 NB
  • End Conn - Screwed / Socket Weld / Flanged


  • Designed with simple float mechanism
  • Available for very low differential pressure as low as 0.01 Bar & for high pressure up to 320 Bar
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Only one moving part – simple system, fully mechanical design, electric supply not required
  • Proportional control action
  • Insensitive to contamination


  • Removal of moisture from compressed air system
  • Removal of moisture from compressed gases
  • Draining of moisture separators
  • Draining of Inter Stage / after Coolers

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