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Key Products : SAE Flanges, Pipe Accessories and Hoses, Couplings, Pipe swivel joints, Square Flanges.

The advent of AVIT GmbH succeeded its preexistent mother company, ATI which was established in 1954, over six decades ago. Scarcely staffed, the organization was dedicated to designing and contriving a programme with pertinence to pipe connections in order to make it a customary standard within the realm of hydraulics across the globe.

The 24° sealing-cone screw connection was first conceptualised and developed in 1954. This innovation set the norm for a product line of screw connections which is still prevalent and accepted as a benchmark within the realms of the fluidics industry throughout the world.

After traversing the distance of more than 60 years, today AVIT comprises about seventy employees in its personnel, all collectively working towards proffering a secure high-pressure piping system.
The current production is endowed with sophisticated as well as contemporary CNC-turning machines which are regulated by a DNC-system. The entire procedural course of the manufacturing/production is administered by a quality management system in accordance with DIN/ISO thereby rendering all the AVIT components apposite to the dynamic needs of the industry.

AVIT has also been granted type approval certificates which are issued after a detailed scrutiny facilitated by renowned classification companies.

AVIT is committed to delivering the best possible services and products to meet the particular requirements of the industry players. That’s why, the arrangement of pipes, couplings, flanges as well as pipe clamps is done in entirety on request by the company engineers. This facilitates the client’s mounting requirements in accordance with the specifications of the site. Even the treatment and coating of the pipes are performed by AVIT as per the client’s preferences, thus, deeming the whole process easily customizable as well as feasible.

The firm takes over in totality to proffer the most wholesome and satisfying service with the assurance of superior quality.

AVIT GmbH primarily manufactures first-rate “made in Germany” screw pipe connections for installations.

The organization primarily furnishes screw pipe connections, square flanges, SAE flanges, flanged joints, pipe swivel joints, multi-channel rotary transmission lead-throughs as well as high-pressure pipes. Pipes including elbows and pipe clamps which match a placed order can also be manufactured to the client’s liking and preference.

Following are some of the most prolific and popular products proffered by AVIT GmbH:


Stainless Steel SAE Flanges

  • SAE flangesseries 3000 psi according to ISO 6162-1 up to 5“
  • SAE flangesseries 6000 psi according to ISO 6162-2 up to 2“


These are pre-assembled flanges complete with bolts (ISO 4762) and nuts (ISO 4032) and O-ring sealings made of NBR.

At SAE steel flanges, the surfaces of the flange heads made of S355J2 (1.0577) are metallic bright and coated with an oil film to protect against corrosion. SAE-split and one-piece flange clamps are galvanised. The bolts (nuts) are delivered in property class 8.8 (8), also galvanised.All SAE stainless steel flange (flange heads made of 1.4571) surfaces are metallic bright. Bolts (nuts) are delivered in property class A2-70 (A2).

Approvals & Certificates

Pressure retaining components and all weldable parts can be attested and traced regarding the raw material with additional costs. The type of certification has to be specified when the order is placed. 3.2 approvals are designated by the abbreviations used by their classification societies (for example DNV GL, LR).


Pipe Accessories and Hoses

These are compatible steel and stainless steel accessories to supplement our system components.


  • Seamless precision steel pipe acc. DIN EN 10305-4 (DIN 2391) and steel pipe acc. DIN EN 10220 (DIN 2448).
  • Pipe clamps acc. DIN 3015 part 2 and thick-walled pipe elbows.
  • Quick-connection couplers, block ball valves and shut-off valves.



The firm also customizes ready-to-install hose connections acc. DIN 20066 for normal hydraulic systems with hydraulic oils and other mineral-based oils. Other mediums are glycol, water (0°C to +70°C) and water-oil emulsions. Around 20.000 different products are manufactured in our TÜV-certified production (in accordance with AD 2000, bulletin W0) with state-of-the-art machinery. Approximately 50.000 products are assembled to meet the client’s requirements and all pipeline materials for the customer’s project are also provided. With the AVIT system components one can design any high-pressure pipe and tube system. All couplings and flanges are available, either completely or individually; they can be combined with each other.


Steel Couplings

  • Standard pressure range for couplings—PN 160, PN 250, PN 315, PN 400
  • Couplings from nominal size 6 up to 50
  • Metric thread from M14x1,5 up to M60x2,0
  • Withworth thread from G ¼“ up to G 2“


These are pre-assembled AVIT tube couplings made of steel and stainless steel with cylindrical BSP threaded stud ends and sealings made of NBR in accordance with the technical terms of supply for tube couplings DIN 3859-1.

The steel surfaces of the AVIT steel couplings are galvanised (CrVI-free) acc. DIN 50979 or can be supplied manganese phosphatised acc. DIN EN ISO 9717 on request. Weldable parts are metallic bright and coated with an oil film to protect against corrosion.

The surfaces of AVIT stainless steel couplings (AISI 316Ti) are metallic bright. The union nuts are silver plated, for best assembly results also at any repeat assemblies.

All male couplings, welding couplings, reductions and flanges can be combined with each other.


Swivel Joint Couplings

  • Standard types from DN 20 up to DN 500.
  • Standard pressure range from PN 16 up to PN 350.


These are a variegated set of proven swivel joints for a multitude of applications. The standard media are hydraulic oil, compressed air and gases. Water, waste water, chemicals and foods are also possible with more detailed specifications.

AVIT steel swivel joints are manufactured of high-grade steel. The surfaces are heat-treated and hardened for anti-corrosive protection.

AVIT stainless steel swivel joints (1.4571) of the high pressure line are heat-treated to increase solidity. They are designed for slow rotating movements nmax = 20-30 rpm-1 with a permissible operating temperature range of 0°C to +80°C. It is advisable to pay attention to the pressure reductions due to high temperatures.

It is important to know the operating conditions of the swivel joint in order to choose the optimal sealing technology for failure-free operation.

The ball bearing is provided with an anti-ageing grease. This enables maintenance-free use for approximately three to five years.


Square Flanges Pipeline

  • AVIT high pressure flanges according to ISO 6163 / 6164 with centering
  • Nominal size from DN 32 up to DN 250.
  • Pressure range—PN 160, PN 250, PN 315, PN 400 and PN 500


These are pre-assembled flanges complete with bolts (ISO 4762) and nuts (ISO 4032) and O-ring sealings made of NBR.At AVIT steel flanges the surfaces of the flange heads made of S355J2 (1.0577) are metallic bright, square and round flanges Ø d ≤ 300 mm are manganese phosphatised acc. DIN EN ISO 9717. Both components are coated with an oil film to protect against corrosion. The bolts (nuts) for series 0-5 are delivered in property class 8.8 (8), galvanised, for series 6 in property class 10.9 (10).

All AVIT stainless steel flange (flange heads made of AISI 316Ti) surfaces are metallic bright. There is a facility for bolts (nuts) for series 0-5 in property class A2-70 (A2), for series 6 in property class 10.9 (10) with a zinc flake coating.


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