Valves Actuators and Positioners | Hydraulic Valve Actuators

Valves Actuators and Positioners

Valves Actuators provides a mechanism to open or close a valve. However, someone is required to operate manually operated valves. Hydraulic Valve Actuators are used for converting the pressure of the fluid into the motion of the valve. They are used in the quarter-turn or the linear valves. The fluid pressure acts on the piston and then provides the linear thrust.

The modern valves actuators use the gas pressure, hydraulic pressure and electricity. They can be adjusted from a remote area rapidly or slowly. They are available in a range of designs including the Pneumatic actuators among others. Valves and Actuators can regulate level, flow or other kinds of processes whereas Actuators and Positioners are used to guarantee the valve attains the preferred range of opening.

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