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Key Products : Computer Based Education Platform, Digital Communication Training Set, Renewable Energy Training Set, Elevator Training Set

Since 1986, Yildirim Elektronik has been synonymous with quality products, support and service. We have entered this sector with the sale of parts and test equipments using the rapidly developing technology. Our decades of experience give us an edge to identify the priority of a particular requirement.

At Yildirim Elektronik, we believe in customer satisfaction by efficient service. We feel it is important to maintain a choice of equipment in the market, offering superior levels of specification, quality and performance to our customers.

Yildirim achieves this through a flexible manufacturing facility and well-designed high quality products. It also allows fast turnaround of customer orders.

We serve the following using current technology:

  • Defense Industry
  • Educational Institutions
  • R & D and Maintenance-Repair companies
  • Manufacturer

Yildirim became the leader in the sector by adding AR & GE group to its sector. Our company has doubled position in the industry with our product range. Our company became a leading brand worldwide in the area of training devices and proud to be exporting to 22 countries.

Our company has divided its fields of activity into 4 main groups by expanding its service areas with its quality policy.

These groups are:

  • Test & Measurement Equipment Sales Department
  • Training Device Sales Department
  • Electronic Components
  • R& D industry activities and customers private R & D solutions/ Defense industry

Our products are capable of rendering hassle free performance and they are widely appreciated for sturdy design, durable finish and long lasting excellent performance. Our penchant towards quality, product innovation and client satisfaction has helped us to set strong footholds in the industry.

Computer Based Education Platform

V-LAB Computer Based Education Platform/online learning network platform can be used as an important tool in vocational education. It is a device for real-time measurement and signal generation. Signals and measurements can be generated in real time using V-LAB.

Investigation and reporting of theoretical study and applications are available through the computer through the computer, with its application modules. DB9, which is located on the module, can also be used as serial port.

Using Computer based training software namely EduPla, investigation of courses are available while real time applications are in progress. V-LAB can communicate with computer via USB 2.0 interface.
Using EduPla software, all topics can be explained clearly and real time applications can also be done. Students can report their experimental study and submit through the online learning network platform.

Electrical Machines and Control Training Set

Designed in modular structure, Electrical Machines and Control Training Set is used to teach through the basic electricity laws with their measurement, define, project and analyzing of the circuit elements.

Y-0036 modular structure helps to use possibilities of electrical education area in laboratory like industrial application environment. This microcontroller based electrical machines training set consists of basically multi functional lab Desk Energy Unit, Electrical Motors, Measurement Modules, and Motor Drives.

Necessary Accessories:

  • Check and Control Modules
  • Transformer Groups
  • Load Groups

Mechanical and Electrical parameters such as voltage, current, torque and speed can be monitored simultaneously. They can be saved in CSV format with D-LAB interfaced modules and measurement software. They can be used with software programs like Matlab and Lab View.

Digital Communication Training Set

Analog-Digital Communications training kit comprises of a Main Unit and 13 pcs (9 pcs are standard + 4 pcs optional) Application Modules to do application in analog and digital communication.

Important devices on the set:

  • Voltmeter
  • Sine Generators
  • Variable and Fixed Power Supplies
  • Frequency and Amplitude Adjustable Function Generator
  • 2mm sockets
  • 2mm connection leads in different colors

The introduction of every subject in the experiment book contains the theory, application areas, the definition of the components and their figures in practice. This training set is designed with shock proof anodized aluminum profile.

Experiment book contains chapters “preparation information” supported with block diagrams and graphics, “how to do the experiment” where the real pictures are used and “conclusion” where the results and the questions regarding the experiments are explained detailed.

Renewable Energy Training Set

Renewable Energy Training/Education Set is designed in a modular type for teaching Online Solar Training and Renewable Energy Courses, Wind Energy and Electricity Generation by Fuel Cell. It assists to learn of circuit components, plan the project and support to hands-on training.

Major components of the set:

  • Solar Panel
  • 13 Pcs application modules
  • Angel Adjustment projector
  • Laboratory Desk with energy unit
  • Sufficient number of connection cables for applications and experiment book

Elevator Training Set

Elevator Training Set is a 4-floor model designed for training purposes in order to see the PLC and electro-mechanic carrier applications together. It is designed in a transparent structure order to scrutinize the mechanical and electronic systems.

It contains a control panel at the upper part of the set. All input and output sockets of the elevator are located on this panel. On the other hand, PLC controls the elevator at the panel manually with the keys. This can be traced with led.

A real elevator cabin is designed with:

  • Sliding door mechanism at the cabin
  • Electro-magnetic door lock
  • Open/close warning door key
  • In-cabin illumination
  • call
  • 7 segment floor displays
  • Floor level and limit sensors
  • Cabin balance weight mechanism.

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